Grape liquor
Ingredients 1Kg of white or red grapes 4 cups of sugar 1 bottle of Bidistilled Organic Cachaça Canaspirit 2 cups of water Mixing Wash the grapes and make a cut in the middle of each one. Soak them in the Bidistilled Organic Cachaça Canaspirit, then close the jar with a lit. Keep them reposing by 8 days.

After this, boil the water with the sugar, stirring slowly. When the sugar dissolves completely, let cool down with the pot covered.

Strain the grape and mix the cachaça with the water. Bottleand leave it for 2 months before consuming.
Pomegranate Caipirinha
Ingredients 1 pomegranate 1 lime 2 little spoons of caster sugar 75 ml of Silver Cachaça Canaspirit Mixing Remove all the pomegranate seeds. Cut the lime into thin slices. Place the pomegranate seeds and the lime slices in a caipirinha glass. Add the sugar and soak well. Fill in the glass with ice and the Silver Cachaça Canaspirit. Mix it well.
Blueberry Caipirinha
Ingredients 500 ml of Bidistilled Organic Cachaça Canaspirit 3 soup spoons of brown sugar Juice of two limes 8 lime slices 1/3 cup of blueberry 1 soup spoon of mint leaves Ice Mixing Put in a jug the Bidistilled Organic Cachaça, sugar, limejuice and the limes slices. Soak with a wooden spoon and mix well. In six glasses, put 2 spoons of chopped ice, the blueberries and the mints leaves. Then mix with the content of the jug and enjoy.
Pineapple mint Caipirinha
Ingredients 50 ml of Organic Cachaça Canaspirit 4 cubes of pineapple 5 mint leaves Sugar Ice Mixing Peel the pineapple. Cut the pulp into cubes, add the mint leaves and macerate slightly. Add the Silver Organic Cachaça Canaspirit, ice and sweeten it as you like. Mix well and garnish with mint springs.
Del bianco Libre
Ingredients 3 doses of cola 1 dose of sparkling water 1 dose of Gold Organic Cachaça Canaspirit Juice of a half lime Mixing Add all ingredients in a tall glass. Mix all together, add ice and serve it.
Capuccino Del Bianco
Ingredients 1 dose of hot coffee 2 dose of hot milk 1 little spoon of chocolate powder 1 pinch of cinnamon ½ dose of Gold Organic Cachaça Canaspirit Making Add all ingredients in a glass, mix and serve it.