About Us

Canaspirit Organic Cachaça is a spirit distilled from fermented sugarcane juice. It is artisanally brewed in Santa Rosa Farm, located in the city of Quintana, state of São Paulo, Brazil.

Canaspirit has been found in 2008 by César Renato Gragnano, whose dream was to create a unique, organic and premium cachaça to export.

For this reason, we direct all our efforts to set Canaspirit in Europe, Asia and America.

About the production

Our cachaça was born under the organic production concept and social responsibility. But mostly, with the conviction that the organic brazilian cachaça can be appreciated all over the world.

The production process is wholly organic. It starts in the sugar cane plantation with a variety of vigorous cane seeds, with no addition of agrotoxic substances or fertilizers.

Depending on its variety, our cachaças can be stored in oak barrels or steel barrels.

The result is a fine quality cachaça, highly distinctive and totally pure. A typical Brazilian spirit, that can be enjoyed pure and in many different cocktails.