Silver Organic Cachaça
Produced with the Brazilian traditional ferment made with organic corn meal flour and stored in steel barrels.
Differentials Sustainable production process, which leads to an organic product of extreme quality. It can be appreciated: Pure or in citrus fruits cocktails
Gold Organic Cachaça
The fermentation process is made with the natural ferment extracted from our sugarcane fiber and stored in virgins barrels of American oaks.
Differentials Exclusively created by the “Master Blender Armando del Bianco”, with nuances of fruits, woody, vanillin and smoky. It is the first 100% organic cachaça in the world to be softened in virgin barrels of American oak. It has the NOP-USDA organic certification. It can be appreciated: Pure, with ice or in other diverse beverages. It has a great harmony with cigars.
Bidistilled Organica Cachaça
With unique aroma and flavor, it has lower acidity and offer a softer tasting compared with the others Canaspirit Cachaças.
Differentials The first bidistilled organic cachaça in the world. It shows pronounced smells of spices and herbs. It can be appreciated: Pure and with berries cocktails.